Web Design Starter Training

Learn the foundation technologies of a website. Creating webpages, layouts, typography for web, creating interactive elements, animation in a webpage using CSS and JS, HTML5 canvas, SVG graphics, using SASS, and many other topics used in a modern design to code workflow.

You will also learn to use Adobe Photoshop and XD, to give your ideas life before you start converting them to code. All this and then a project to give you real-time work exposure.

Who can take up this course. If you are just stepping into the web world, and want to create webpages and make them look great, this course is for you. Anyone who is willing may join, irrespective of their qualification.

Duration: 12 weeks Batches: Weekdays & Weekends

Overview of what you'll learn

History of web
Get to know about the internet, how it began, how it works, etc.
Semantic HTML
Writing HTML in a way, that it's meaningful, accessible, and also help in excellent design.
HTML Content Types
Adding different type of contents in HTML, like text, images, video, audio, svgs, and canvas.
Styling Basics
Basics of web typography, color selection, images, etc.
Page Layouts
Creating layouts with flexbox, grid systems, float, etc.
Responsive Design
Controlling elements of a webpage based on device properties like width, height, pixel density and orientation.
Animations and Interactions
Creating animations during page load, user interaction, ui process, etc with CSS and JS
New CSS Concepts
Upgrading to new CSS concepts as they arrive, like CSS variables, filters, content property, counters, shadows, transform, and more.
JS & jQuery
Using javascript (ES2015) and jQuery to add interactivity to pages, creating control elements, animating in Canvas, etc.
Adobe Photoshop & XD
Creating and readying design elements in Photoshop like images and taking them to XD to convert them into mockups.
Course Addons
If you're more inclined towards design field, you may like to add more topics to thise course, like user experience and illustrator. Contact our counselor for more information.

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