User Interface & User Experience Design Training

This course will take you through the concepts of user research for better user experience and application of design principles, while creating wireframes, mockups, prototypes, etc.

Learn topics like user-centered design, user flow diagrams, sitemaps, low & high fidelity wireframes, paper prototyping, mock-up design, web typography, and more. You will be also creating mock projects, by using the workflow involved in a typical research and execution of a user interface project.

Who can take up this course. If you are a designer, creative or want to enter design world of user interface, then this is the course for you. Anyone who is willing may join, irrespective of their qualification.

Duration: 12 weeks Batches: Weekdays & Weekends

Keep Creating, Keep Growing

  • User interface work
  • User interface work
  • User interface work
  • User interface work
  • User interface work
  • User interface work
  • User interface work

Overview of what you'll learn

Design Principles
Principles of design, used throughout the world to make art better.
Color Theory
Selecting colors, color combinations, color models, emotions of colors, etc.
Design Guides
Understanding material design, human interface guidelines, minimalist design, etc.
User Research Workflow
Creating personas, user testing, creating experience maps, data evaluation, etc.
UI Architecture
Creating User flow diagrams, sitemaps, wireframes, and paper prototypes.
Graphical Tools
Using Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, and InvisionApp.
Visual Design
Creating mockups, design guides, icons, illustrations, etc.
Course Addons
You may want to add more topics to the course, like basic coding skills for converting the design to HTML, CSS, and JS. These topics are not part of the course as they are not design topics, but you may be inclined to learn them for career benefits. Contact our counselor for more information.

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