Frontend Development Training

To build a modern interface which has lots of interactivity, functionality, accessibility, and scalability, you need to use not only the languages for coding but also various frameworks and tools.

Learn tools and techonologies like HTML5, HTML5 APIs, CSS & SASS, JS APIs, ES2015, Angular 2, and more to create advanced user interfaces.

Who can take up this course. It is recommended that you have basic programming knowledge or have gone through the web design course to continue with this course.

Duration: 12 weeks Batches: Weekdays & Weekends

Overview of what you'll learn

HTML5 Elements
Preparing a HTML page, with proper accessibility and semantics
CSS Styling
Styling a HTML page, with layout, type, color, images, animation, transition, and more css properties.
Using SASS to reduce the time consumed while writing styles, by bringing programming features to CSS.
Javascript programming basics, object oriented JS, ES2015 concepts, and more.
jQuery & Bootstrap
Quick rundown of jQuery library and Bootstrap framework.
Using powerful HTML5 and JS APIS like canvas, drag and drop, geolocation, cookies, web storage, etc.
Angular 2+
TypeScripts basics and Angular 2+ in detail for creating one page web applications.
Course Addons
You can take up the backend development course too with this training, so that you can also learn how to write server side code.

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