Backend Development Training

To store and retrieve data for a web application from a database like MySQL, you need a server side language like PHP, and AJAX for asynchronous request to and from a webpage.

This course will train you in programming with PHP, interacting with MySQL, writing SQL queries, and making AJAX requests.

Who can take up this course. It is recommended that you have basic programming knowledge or have gone through the web design course to continue with this course.

Duration: 8 weeks Batches: Weekdays & Weekends

Overview of what you'll learn

Learn about server side applications and databases.
Installation and configuration
Installation of phpmyadmin, apache, and mysql on any platform
PHP Programming
PHP programming basics, Object oriented PHP, sessions and cookies, files and directories, PHP classes, etc.
RDBMS concepts, SQL queries, communicating with a database using PHP.
Javascript programming and asynchronous javascript, XML, and JSON.
Course Addons
You can take up the frontend development course too with this training, so that you can also create advanced user interfaces.

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