Web Development Training

Web Development training gives you and all-round training in both the design and the development part of web in detail, focusing on the whole workflow of creating interactive web applications, communicating to databases, sending and receiving data.

Web Development is the process of creating websites for the internet. This involves the design of both the back-end and the front-end of a website. Front-end includes designing a webpage, adding user interactivity with scripting languages like javascript. Back-end includes the server-side scripting for database availability, creation of various web services, etc.

Course contents

  • Frontend

    Internet basics, installation of various tools and plugins to help in the process of web design.

    Web standards, accessibility of webpages, types of websites, etc.

    XHTML and HTML5 elements, differences, semantics, and browser support.

    Introduction to CSS, selectors, and properties.

    Typography, colors, images, icons, and backgrounds.

    CSS page layouts - fluid, fixed, responsive, and grid layouts

    CSS3 Effects, Transitions, Animations, etc

    HTML forms and its styling.

    30 hours
  • Photoshop for Web Design

    Overview of interface and tools of Photoshop.

    Creating mockups of webpages in Photoshop.

    Exporting and Slicing images.

    PSD to HTML workflow.

    10 hours
  • Adding Interactive Features

    Basics of JavaScript programming.

    Accessing and traversing Document Object Model.

    Events, event object and its methods.

    jQuery's uses and advantages.

    JQuery selection, traversing, and manipulations.

    jQuery Events.

    Various practical examples with JS and jQuery code.

    12 hours
  • PHP and MySQL

    Learn about server side applications and databases.

    Installation of phpmyadmin, apache, and mysql on windows and linux.

    Basics of programming with PHP.

    Object oriented PHP.

    Sessions and Cookies.

    Files and Directories.

    Using in-built PHP classes.

    Various applications like pagination, uploading files, sending emails, and templating.

    Learn about relational database management systems like mysql.

    Use SQL language to retrieve and store data in mysql.

    Practical applications like login, register, cms, etc.

    40 hours
  • AJAX and helper plugins

    Overview of asynchronous javascript, XML, and JSON.

    Accessing element through document object model.

    XML HTTP Requests.

    jQuery for AJAX.

    Using CSS and JS frameworks like Bootstrap.

    Overview of AngularJS and NodeJS.

    Backwards compatibilty and Modernizr.

    8 hours

Course Details


5 months approx.


Between 10am to 6pm

Regular and Weekend classes available.

What's covered?

HTML CSS RWD JS jQuery Photoshop Bootstrap PHP MySQL AJAX

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