Web Designing Training

This course trains you how to create webpages for various devices, using the latest industry standards. This practical course will guide you from basic website layouts to responsive user interfaces for various devices.

What you will learn?

HTML5 Semantics and Structure

HTML5 Semantics and Structure

HTML5 can make your contents more meaningful and accessible, with new elements and attributes. A highly semantic webpage is more likely to get ranked higher in search engines.

Learn how to use new concepts like html outline, content models, accessibility attributes, html5 forms, tables, etc to make your webpages rich with meaning and content.

CSS Responsive Page Layouts

Responsive Layouts and CSS Grids

Make your webpages adaptable to different screen sizes and devices, by learning how to create responsive page layouts.

Reduce the tedious works of creating layouts, by using grids. Learn how to create your own grid system or use popular grid frameworks like bootstrap, foundation, etc.

JS and jQuery Interactive Websites

Interactivity & Various Plugins

Using JS and jQuery, you can make a static webpage respond to users actions. Get into scripting and learn about Programming with JS, Object Oriented JS, and using jQuery library.

Also, learn about various helper plugins that can reduce the work of a web designer and make your webpages function properly. Like jQuery UI, Modernizr, etc.

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Course contents

  • Basics Level

    Basics about the internet and its related technologies, installation of various tools and plugins to help in the process of web design.

    Learn about the web standards, accessibility of webpages, types of websites, etc.

    XHTML and HTML5 elements, differences, semantics, and browser support.

    Introduction to CSS, selectors, and properties.

    Colors and Images.

    Hosting your first website.

    10 hours
  • Advanced Page Layouts

    Learn about types of layouts, their advantages and disadvantages.

    Using @media queries to create responsve web pages.

    Creating custom grid layouts.

    Overview of grid frameworks like Bootstrap.

    12 hours
  • Fabricating content

    Using @font-face to attach custom fonts.

    Text formatting.

    Background color, text color and their types of values.

    Downloading and using font icons.

    Different types of images and their uses.

    Borders, lists, and other styles.

    08 hours
  • CSS3 Effects and Animations

    CSS gradients, shadows and other effects.

    Creating basic shapes and transformation with CSS.

    Animating state changes with transition.

    Creating interesting and advanced CSS animations.

    05 hours
  • Photoshop for Web Design

    Overview of interface and tools of Photoshop.

    Creating mockups of webpages in Photoshop.

    Exporting and Slicing images.

    PSD to HTML workflow.

    10 hours
  • Adding Interactive Features

    Basics of JavaScript programming.

    Accessing and traversing Document Object Model.

    Events, event object and its methods.

    jQuery's uses and advantages.

    JQuery selection, traversing, and manipulations.

    jQuery Events.

    Various practical examples with JS and jQuery code.

    12 hours
  • Final Steps

    Adding audio and video.

    Using new HTML5 APIs.

    Backwards compatibility of new features.

    Using Modernizr to detect support.

    Creating a website with everything you have learned.

    10 hours

Course Details


3 months approx.


Between 10am to 6pm

Regular and Weekend classes available.

What's covered?

HTMLCSSJS jQueryPhotoshopRWD

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