UI UX Designing Training

This course is designed to get you acquainted with the whole workflow of creating a website project. Creating a good website requires a good plan, understanding user needs, creating mockups, designing the output, coding webpages, on-page seo, using frameworks, attaching plugins, and many more steps.

What you will learn?

Website Idea, planning, and user analysis

Ideas and Planning

Understanding if your idea is the next big thing or can you actually make it into a reality is very important. This step teaches you various methods industry experts use to evaluate an idea and plan for creating a website or any other application.

We will use various tools and techniques to ease the process of planning a website, like paper prototyping, online and offline tools for creating wireframes, sitemap creation tools, etc.

Mockups and Design Training

Mockups and Design

You have a plan ready, and have created a wireframe. Now, the next step is to take your wireframes and convert it detailed mockups. In this step you pay lot of attention to the actual design, paying attention to every detail.

Though there are many tools available to create mockups, Photohsop and Illustrator, are industry standard applications used for this purpose.

Writing HTML, CSS, JS, etc dode

Writing Code

Using HTML, organize the contents of your pages, style the content and create layouts using CSS, add interesting animations and effects, make your page react to user interaction in desktops and mobile devices.

Though you will be writing HTML, CSS and JS code to create webpages, using various plugins and frameworks will help the final output shine. Like jQuery, jQUery UI, Bootstrap, Foundation, Modernizr, AngularJS, etc.

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Course contents

  • Introduction

    Basics about the internet and its related technologies, installation of various tools and plugins to help in the process of web design.

    Learn about the web standards, accessibility of webpages, types of websites, etc.

    Learn about the principles of UI design and experience.

    Take help of various tools in the process of UI design.

    Design tips and techniques for text, images, layouts, etc.

    8 hours
  • Photoshop for Web Design

    Overview of interface and tools of Photoshop.

    Creating mockups of webpages in Photoshop.

    Exporting and Slicing images.

    PSD to HTML workflow.

    10 hours
  • Illustrator & Vector Graphics

    Intro to working with vector graphics, its advantages in the field of web design, etc.

    Learning about creating vectors with the Ilustrator tools.

    Using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

    SVG effects and animations.

    10 hours
  • HTML and CSS

    A walkthrough of the versions of HTML, and the difference between them.

    Adding content to your webpage, and organizing them properly.

    Selecting html elements and applying properties.

    Styling text and images.

    Creating fluid, fixed, and responsive layouts.

    Creating custom CSS grids.

    Animating HTML element with transitions and animations.

    Solving support problems in older browsers.

    25 hours
  • Adding Interactive Features

    Basics of JavaScript programming.

    Accessing and traversing Document Object Model.

    Events, event object and its methods.

    jQuery's uses and advantages.

    JQuery selection, traversing, and manipulations.

    jQuery Events.

    Various practical examples with JS and jQuery code.

    12 hours
  • Using various Frameworks & Plugins

    Overview of frameworks & their advantages.

    Installation and usage of Bootstrap.

    Bootstrap's responsive grid and html components.

    Adding JS components like dropdowns, tooltips, popovers, etc to webpages.

    Other frameworks and plugins like Foundation, Modernizr, etc.

    10 hours

Course Details


4 months approx.


Between 10am to 6pm

Regular and Weekend classes available.

What's covered?

HTML CSS RWD JS jQuery Photoshop Illustrator Bootstrap UX

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