Adobe Photoshop Training

Learn how to use efficiently and professionally the world's most popular and powerful graphics editing application, Photoshop.

Course contents

  • Intro to graphics

    Raster vs Vector graphics.

    Resolution, color modes, and bit depth.

    Adobe Bridge application for managing and browsing files.

    01 hours
  • User Interface & Workspace

    Learn how to customize the user interface of Photoshop.

    Save the customized UI as a workspace.

    Access Photoshop quickly with many shortcuts, and learn how to customize them.

    Introduction to different panels and their uses.

    01 hours
  • Selections

    Using the layers panel.

    Basic marquee tools and modifier keys.

    Adding, subtracting, and intersecting with existing selections.

    Lasso and polygonal lasso selections.

    Selecting from an image using Quick Selection and Magic Wand tool.

    Refining and making a selection better using advanced options.

    Masking images for adjustments and other purposes.

    Changing fill and stroke color, applying and creating gradients and patterns.

    04 hours
  • Drawing and Painting

    Using different brushes.

    Brush customizing and creating new brushes.

    Colors, Swatches, and Gradients.

    Blending colors and layers.

    03 hours
  • Image Adjustments

    Cropping and Transforming images.

    Lens corrections and perspective adjustments.

    Luminousity and Color Adjustments.

    Using masking and selections for selective adjustments.

    Non-destructive image adjustment workflow.

    Using Camera Raw for adjustments.

    Changing resolution of images.

    06 hours
  • Text and Vector tools

    Creating point text and area text.

    Text formatting and styles.

    Creating vectors shapes with pen, and other tools.

    Using paths to stroke using brushes.

    Sacing and using custom shapes.

    03 hours
  • Styles, Filters and other options

    Using layer styles for and the Styles panel.

    Filters to add various effects.

    Automating with Actions.

    Other essential tools and options.

    04 hours

Course Details


20 - 25 hours approx.


Between 10am to 6pm

Regular and Weekend classes available.

What's covered?

Photoshop Camera Raw Bridge

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