jQuery, JS and AJAX Training

Learn how to add user interactivity to the webpage by using JavaScript. And, use the popular jQuery library to make adding interactivity to webpages simpler.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, which is based on ECMAScript. JavaScript is used to add user interactivity to a webpage. It should not be confused with JAVA, they are completely different from each other. JavaScript can be embedded into a HTML file or written as an external script file and attached to multiple HTML pages. Pages created using JavaScript provide rich user experieces.

JQuery is a free JavaScript library, that reduces the amount of code written to build web pages with great user interactivity. It works well across multiple browsers.It has a huge library of sophisticated effects and animations that makes it easy to add interesting features to your webpage.

Course contents

  • JavaScript

    Basics of JavaScript programming.

    Document Object Model.

    Javascript events and listeners.

    Object oriented javascript.

    10 hours
  • jQuery

    jQuery Selection and traversing.

    Manipulating content, attributes, etc with jQuery methods.

    Handling events.

    jQuery plugins.

    Various practical applications.

    10 hours
  • AJAX

    Overview of asynchronous javascript, XML, and JSON.

    Accessing element through document object model.

    XML HTTP Requests.

    jQuery for AJAX.

    05 hours

Course Details


1 months approx.


Between 10am to 6pm

Regular and Weekend classes available.

What's covered?

JS jQuery AJAX

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