HTML5 & CSS3 Training

Use modern content organization and styling methods with HTML5 and CSS3. Learn how to use HTML Apis to add interactive features and CSS3 effects and animations.

If you have the knowledge of XHTML or HTML4, and want to improve yourself to the next level of website creation, then learning HTML5 is the right step. HTML5 has new semantic code, plus many inbuilt API's (Application Programming Interfaces), that required javascript and plugin usage previously. CSS3 includes new properties for layout design, animations, effects, graphics, responsive design, background images, colors, etc.

Course contents

  • Basics Level

    Basics about the internet and its related technologies.

    Installation of various tools and plugins to help in the process of web design.

    Learn about web standards, accessibility of webpages, types of websites, etc.

    Introduction to XHTML and CSS.

    5 hours
  • HTML5

    Introduction to HTML5 specification.

    Creating sections with new HTML5 elements.

    HTML5 outline algorithm.

    HTML5 interactive forms.

    HTML5 APIs.

    8 hours
  • CSS3

    Selecting elements easily with CSS3 selectors.

    CSS3 colors, background images, gradients and other effects.

    Attaching fonts, web fonts, and font icons.

    CSS3 Flex box, alignment and other layout properties.

    CSS3 transition, transform, and animations.

    CSS3 media queries.

    8 hours
  • Browser support

    Finding out problems in browsers.

    Browser vendor prefixes.

    Using Modernizr and other plugins for support.

    3 hours

Course Details


1 months approx.


Between 10am to 6pm

Regular and Weekend classes available.

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