Advanced Excel Training

Learn advanced skills for Excel, and make your everyday work easy.

Microsoft Excel is the worlds most popular application for data keeping and manipulation. It is used in almost all types of industries.

Course contents

  • Excel Essentials

    Entering and Editing Data

    Custom Lists

    Paste Special

    Defining & Managing Names

    Working with Multiple Worksheets

    Inserting Worksheets

    Renaming Worksheets

    Deleting Worksheets

    Moving and Copying Worksheets

    Entering and Formatting Data in Multiple Worksheets Simultaneously

  • Styles and Formatting

    Applying a Document Theme

    Cell Styles

    Manually Formatting Worksheets

    Conditional Formatting

  • Filtering and Sorting

    Filtering Data

    Sorting Data

  • Data Analysis Using Subtotals, Consolidations, and Tables

    Inserting Subtotals

    Outlining Data

    Consolidating Data

    Excel Tables

  • Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

    Creating a PivotTable

    Formatting a PivotTable

    Creating a PivotChart Report

  • What-If Analysis

    Data Tables


    Goal Seek

  • Formulas and Functions

    Order of Precedence for Operators

    Error Values in Formulas

    Using Relative and Absolute Referencing

    Formulas and Defined Names

    Referring to Cells in Other Worksheets and Workbooks

    Array Formulas

    Using Functions

  • Charts

    Embedded charts

    Chart sheets

    Parts of a Chart

    Chart Types in Excel

  • Adding Graphics to a Worksheet

    Using Shapes

    Drawing Layer

    Using SmartArt

    Using WordArt

    Using the Clip Art task pane

    Inserting graphics files

    Displaying a worksheet background image

  • Preventing and Correcting Errors

    Data Validation

    Displaying an Input Message and an Error Alert

    Changing or Removing Data Validation

    Removing Duplicate Values

Course Details


20 - 25 hours approx.


Between 10am to 6pm

Weekend classes available.

What's covered?

Microsoft Excel

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